Commercial Real Estate

Spolzino, Smith, Buss & Jacobs, LLP are full service real estate lawyers representing clients in the purchase and sale of property, commercial leasing, borrowing, lending, syndications, private placements, offering plans for cooperative and condominiums, real estate construction, development, zoning, subdivision approval and related environmental matters. We represent numerous developers and investors in the acquisition of commercial property and multifamily housing, and actively negotiate the associated institutional financing to protect our client’s real estate interests. The firm also helps developers come together with investors through private placements and syndications.

The firm has made a number of successful commercial real estate investments on its own behalf. As owners ourselves, we bring to your account our own experience as principals as well as lawyers.

The law office of Smith Buss Jacobs has expanded its commercial leasing practice to reflect new information technology options available to modern business. We actively negotiate electronic linkages among landlords, tenants and Internet and communications service providers for more efficient business operation. This has enhanced our defaults department and landlord tenant law practice.

We counsel commercial borrowers in negotiating financing commitments with institutional lenders for both portfolio and conduit loans. Historically, the firm has also represented several institutional lenders in their residential real estate loan work. We are familiar with the documentary and regulatory requirements associated with real estate lending and commercial leasing in the retail and secondary markets.