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BLOG / 05.18.17 /Jack Malley

3 Ways a Commercial Litigation Attorney Can Help Your Firm


When it comes to litigation, this area is growing by the day. This specialty of law is really beginning to drive not only revenue at law firms but their legal hiring as well. A survey by Robert Half Legal found that up to thirty percent of the hiring that legal departments and law firms do is in this area, filling crucial positions for commercial litigation.

Hiring attorneys to do commercial litigation and specialized attorneys in general is a good choice for any law firm. With more and more competition popping up in specialty areas, they can hardly afford not to! The real question is, could your firm benefit from hiring a commercial litigation attorney?

When you hire professionals who have the right skills to fit the requirements of your firm, that means that you can deliver the right attorneys to the right cases because they’re more qualified to argue the case. It ultimately costs less to depend on one of your own from in house than to rely on outside legal counsel, and the bottom line may be appealing to those corporate legal departments. It just makes sense to have specialization, from being able to offer that to clients to the cost savings.

By bringing commercial litigation experts over to your side, you can cut back on costs and bring their experience and knowledge to your side. If your firm is considering hiring an attorney experienced in commercial litigation, check out these reasons why they’re so in demand while you’re thinking it over.

1. Specialized Focus

Since your commercial litigation lawyer can be the one to go to on commercial litigation, it means that you can free up other lawyers who may not want or wish to work in this field. Since commercial litigation is so complex, a specialized focus means that the cases can be complicated and drawn out, it can be hugely inconvenient to have members of your team on the case that could be utilized elsewhere, especially for your corporate specialty lawyers. Having a specialist on staff will ensure you have the right person to deal with these cases.

2. Extra Protection of Business Interests

Firms, people and businesses need to protect their business interests, and this type of attorney can help them do that. Whether it’s a merger or a contract, a litigation attorney will have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect the interests of the firm through their excellence.

3. Commercial Litigation Experience

Their experience will be able to help your firm decide whether to litigate or not. Sometimes legal matters are best pursued in court, and other times your attorney will recommend not pursuing the matter further in court and pursuing another strategy instead. As legal cases are time consuming and expensive, it’s good to have someone on board that can weigh in on how to proceed.

Hire an attorney for a short term or work with a recruiting firm. Whether you hire them short term or long term on a contract is up to you, but if your firm could use a commercial litigation attorney then consider getting one on board soon and see what a difference it makes.