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BLOG / 08.14.23 /Kenneth R. Jacobs

Dogs, Dope and Noise

Beginning in 2018, the board of the The Charleston Condominium, a 191-unit, 21-story building at 225 East 34th St., began com-municating (through counsel) with apart-ment owner Judith Zarucki about bylaw and house rule violations. Specifically, the board alleged that Zarucki had been causing offensive odors by smoking marijuana, keeping too many pets and allowing them to roam off-leash in the building and causing excessive noise. For a period of time the nuisances and viola-tions stopped, but they started up again in June 2019, with the board receiving 50 complaints over a six-month period about noise and marijuana odor. The complaints continued and Zarucki was fined $13,600 for the bylaw and house rules violations. Finally, in 2020 the condo filed suit.

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