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BLOG / 10.05.16 /Jack Malley

SBJ And Jack Malley Obtain Impactful Decision In Hot Franchisor Liability Area

In Ocampo, et al v. 455 Hospitality LLC , Doubletree Franchise LLC, et al, SBJ represents approximately 100 plaintiffs who are current or former employees of a Doubletree franchise hotel located in Tarrytown, New York who allege that the franchisee and Doubletree Franchise LLC, the Doubletree franchisor entity, failed to pay plaintiffs minimum wage, overtime pay, gratuities and tips in violation of federal and state law. The franchisor moved to dismiss the claims against it. By a decision dated September 14, 2016, the Hon. Kenneth Karas, of the Southern District of New York, denied the franchisor’s motion to dismiss the claims alleged against it. The decision will contribute to the developing law of franchisor liability that is currently being litigated in numerous hotly¬† contested lawsuits throughout the country against McDonald’s and other well-known franchisors.

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