Labor and Employment Practice

Spolzino, Smith, Buss & Jacob’s labor and employment law practice is a uniquely dynamic offering of corporate representation and the promotion of workplace fairness for employees who been deprived of their rights. Our representation of employers and employees gives us a valuable perspective when undertaking representation of either side of the employer-employee relationship.

Our corporate representation brings clarity to the matrix of federal, state and local labor and employment laws the modern employer faces. Our practice offers employers counseling on best practices for compliance with workplace laws, and seeks to reduce the risk of employment disputes while enabling our clients to develop a workplace environment that maximizes employee performance and satisfaction. When litigation arises we vigorously defend our clients in all applicable venues, whether it be federal or state court, federal or state departments of labor, or governmental agencies including the EEOC, the NLRB and OSHA. We are also experienced handling all manner of issues that arise relating to unionized workplaces under federal labor law.

Our employee representation spans the spectrum of issues that confront employees in today’s workplace. Employees are entitled to a work environment that is free from discrimination and hostility based upon his/her gender, race, disability or national origin. We are strong advocates for protecting an employee’s right to what is guaranteed to them by law. We are also skilled negotiators of employment contracts, and severance agreements that include, among other things, noncompetition clauses and confidentiality/non-use obligations. Finally, we are particularly proud of our representation of employees who have been deprived of the honest wages they are entitled to under federal and state law.