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news & events / 03.20.20 /Kenneth R. Jacobs


Governor Cuomo Extends Lockdown on “Non-Essential”
Businesses to 100% of Employees

Governor Cuomo announced today that New York State would take a “pause,” requiring that 100% of employees of “non-essential businesses” cannot go to their place of employment. The “pause” included specific guidelines affecting persons over 70 and vulnerable persons under 70. We are awaiting the specific text of the Executive Order.

What are “Essential Businesses”?

For real estate purposes, the following are deemed “essential businesses”:

  • trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal
  • laundromats/dry cleaning
  • building cleaning and maintenance
  • emergency management and response
  • building cleaners or janitors
  • disinfection
  • doormen

Construction including

  • skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers
  • other related construction firms and professionals for essential infrastructure or for emergency repair and safety purposes

The Empire State Development website includes a number that you can call if you wish to know whether your business is “essential.”


Electronic Notarization Available.

Notaries will now be allowed to acknowledge scanned documents that have been send to them. If they do not know the person signing, they must see proof identification before they notarize. They must also receive an original of the signed document within thirty days.

We will keep all readers informed as we learn more.